#Δωρεάν αποστολή & αντικαταβολή σε όλη την Ελλάδα & 10€ αντικαταβολή για Κύπρο.
Ωράριο Επικοινωνίας: 10:00 - 14:00 & 17:00 - 21:00

“I grew up in Galicia, Northern Spain – but before long my eyes grew too wide. I packed up and moved to London’s East: Hackney, looking to perfect my craft and by 2010 I felt I was ready to start my own label. We launched Miista with the intention to play with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality, wearability or price – and we have been designing shoes from our East London studio ever since.

Miista unites the nostalgia of my rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment, translating cinematic, surreal, and retrospective inspirations into timeless styles rendered in Italian leathers and unexpected materials. It’s a pastiche of all those childhood memories of a beautiful farm on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, dropped like a stranger into a contemporary East London setting.

Although we have expanded a lot since 2010, growth has been organic and we’re still an independent company with a small, passionate team – but the core of our vision and success are our craftswo/men in Alicante, Spain; home to a highly skilled shoemaking community that has been upholding tradition since the 19th century.”

Προβάλλονται και τα 1 αποτελέσματα

Επιλογές Παπουτσιών

  • Mules


    220.00 185.00

    .Δερμάτινα μοκασίνια με τακούνι

    .Ανάγλυφο κροκό δέρμα

    .Δερμάτινη επένδυση με μαλακό πάτο(memory foam)

    .Σόλα φυσικό δέρμα

    .Ύψος τακουνιού 3cm

    .Designed in London Handcrafted in Spain

    .Σύνθεση 100% calf leather

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